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Friday, November 14, 2008

Tag : What if ur ex said this to u...

What if your ex said these to you???

1. Hi how are ya?

hi..fine..wat bout u?

2. Hey! You wanna go to the mall?!

em..i'm not in my mood time k.

3. I LOVE U..

luv u a friend

4. DO u want some cookies?

hey..are u ok??

5.Can you take me a picture?!?
em..sorry, i'm quite bz rite now.

6.Help me in my homework!

haha..let me finish my homework first.

7. Here's my gift to you...

gift?waah..tq.tq..but my birthday is on there anything beside all this?

8. Let's just be textmates

so sorry..i'm bz rite now..

9. Do you want me to buy you an ipod?

if that is ur wish, why not.?hahaha

10.Let's sit together in the bus


11. Hi baby


12. Your still cute!

off course laa...haha..tq.

13.I still LOVE you!

yess...i still luv u a freind

14.Can I visit your house?

hey, raya lambat lagi laa

15.Do you love me?

yup, as a friend..

we break in a good condition, we still be friend until now.even she already hv someone special, and i still single and available..hahahahha...

Follow this instruction:

1. named 5 candidates on your list.

2. ask them to complete this tag.

3. repost on their blog

4. write the title "what if your ex said this to you"

waaa...namau la tag sape2...


LaDy NaS said...

wawawaaaaa... thank you sudi balas tag!! kamu mmg ex yg baik dan budiman..!! wakakaka!! tag lah sapa2 yang berkenan di hati..k? anyway..gudbye and semuga berjumpa lagi...i am away for quite a long time... :)

»Tä§häbellä« said...

lalalala siapa ex gf ko dol?? yee aq tau siapa..hanya aq je yg tau segalanya hahahhaa....yg tu kan?? lalalaallaa